ALL inquiries and questions, comments, or concerns - send an email to:
To book a tattoo inquiry with Syked, please send an email and copy & paste the form below with your information about your tattoo design and/or commission.

A non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your appointment date & goes toward the final cost of your tattoo. A deposit link will be sent that puts you in the shop system automatically once paid. 

For pricing, she charges flat rate - by the piece. Bigger projects are an hourly rate. Consult with Syked for a specific price range for your custom tattoo idea. Flash designs are a set price.

Once your appointment is confirmed, it is highly suggested to take a look at Syked’s tattoo aftercare instructions especially if its your first tattoo with them. Before your tattoo appointment, please be well rested, showered, moisturized and ate a full meal so you can sit well during the session. 

If in need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please let Syked know before the appointment! They have a 30 minute tardiness window after the appointment time - otherwise would result in a reschedule. Communicate with Syked if possible. 
 Thank you!
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