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Ashley Guerra is a Latinx illustrator based in Silver Spring, Maryland and is working to become a tattoo artist. She is currently taking a tattoo apprenticeship at Ink Vibes Studio in Gaithersburg, Maryland while being enrolled in Montgomery College. She is expected to graduate and receive her Associates Degree in the Fine Arts in spring 2023.

Her personal work is a Halloween twist on the old school American Traditional style of tattoos.  It expresses bold, black linework alongside with a stipple shading technique that allows gradients of light and shadows. She isn’t afraid to be bold with color. Her artwork emphasizes ideas inspired by Vanitas, a 17th century art form that is symbolic on the transience of life and the certainty of death. All of her designs are available in ready-to-tattoo flash sheets drawn within the tattoo studio and while clients commission her through social media. She also prioritizes her clients’ vision that are outside the comfortability of a tattoo machine as she has experiences with acrylic paint, chalk paint, ceramics, and printmaking.
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